Perfumes And Royal Weddings, Oh My…

Kelly’s Tweet:

kellybensimon: The taxi drover (drover? They still have drovers in NY?) said,’ i need to tell you something… You are wearing nice perfume.” And its my own made by givardon
Yes, folks, it’s true. Reportedly, Kwazy Kewwy is launching her own perfume line, made by Givardon. (Not to be confused with Givaudan, who makes the really good stuff like Obsession, L’ Air du Temps, and Poison.)
Rumor has it that the perfume will debut on April 1 of next year, and is a scent combination of plastic horse polish and wet loon feathers, with a tiny infusion of cat pee-tailormade for the ‘hippiechic’, indecisive schizophrenic in all of us.
(Sorry, Bethenny, but I couldn’t resist. And you know she’d copy your logo, anyway.)

In other “anything for a mention in the press”  Housewives news, Countess LuAnn DeLesseps has chimed in to offer her opinion of what Catherine Middleton will wear at her upcoming nuptials to Prince William.
Says Countess Manners: “I think she’ll [Kate]  go traditional, but she will have her own modern edge.”
Well, no duh, Countess. Kate’s only been combining traditional and modern in her dress choices for the last eight years, for one thing. For another,  this IS a wedding in Westminster Abbey (the traditional church of traditional churches) with the Queen (the traditional monarch of traditional monarchs) standing by. There really isn’t much chance Kate will turn up in a Skweez corset and leggings. But, hey, thanks for the incisive input there.
Finally, after getting her ass handed to her in a phone poll on “Watch What Happens Live” the other night, the Jilldonna requested a recount.
Yeah, I said it. A recount. Of an after hours talk show phone in poll. Guess what? She still lost. Don’t ya just love it?

Don’t forget to tune into the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog by LynnNChicago, Reality Crack House by our favorite Real City Housewife, the always fun Reality Chopped, and The Really Old Housewives of Manatee County.

(Please forgive any weird spacing and lack of paragraphs. It’s not me, WordPress is wonky today.)

Stay tuned…

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1 Response to Perfumes And Royal Weddings, Oh My…

  1. Sherry says:

    Try as they (kewwy) might they will never be as successful as Bethenny. They are all copying her and trying to ride her coattail but as much as people dislike Kelly & Jill no one and I mean no one will go out and buy their product. Well except for a few who are as crazy as they are that is. You won’t catch me buying anything that’s connected to their name.

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