Beverly Hills Reunion, Part 1


Taylor says that she doesn’t know what “going Oklahoma” on someone’s ass means. She has no idea. Apparently, Taylor talks out her ass more than we realized.

She also said that Kim “needs to learn some manners”. Really? From what I saw, Taylor was the one acting like trash the entire season, not Kim. The most offensive thing Kim said all season was advising Taylor to blow up her lips some more, which was actually funny.

Taylor then advised Kim “not to bring my charity into this”. Kim hadn’t mentioned Taylor’s “charity” once. What she did mention was that Taylor, the anti domestic violence advocate, didn’t hesitate to threaten Kim with physical violence during their argument in New York. Yeah, Taylor, that IS the way you came across…and it IS clearly the way you intended to come across.

When you get that dictionary, Taylor, look up “hypocrite”. That you claim to have never physically harmed anyone in your life is irrelevant. Threatening violence isn’t okay, especially for someone who publicly advocates against it.

Taylor also makes the claim that those who “hide behind their computers” are cowards. Okay, Ms. Shana Hughes Taylor  Ford Armstrong (or SHTFA: Shut The F**k Up Already, as we call her around my house) …what category does lying about who you are and making up false identities to scam people fall into-bravery? Just curious.

Taylor added that she doesn’t feel she needs to remove her lip implants. She prefers looking like that? Eesh.

I don’t consider Camille Grammer to be the “most hated Housewife”. That honor still falls on Jill Zaaarriinn. Actually, I have sympathy for Camille. I don’t care much for her…she still comes across as supercilious…but it doesn’t seem like she deserved the way Kelsey ultimately treated her. Regardless of her personality flaws, a wife of thirteen years, who helped the husband in his battle for sobriety and gave him two beautiful children, deserves better.

Careful, Kelsey. Remember Betty Broderick?

Careful, Camille. You can’t pin ALL your poor behavior on the breakdown of the marriage. Especially Allison DuBois. Seriously, switch your brain to “logical”, m-kay? The woman is a complete fake and a nasty shrew to boot. Now that “Medium” is history, cut her loose, Camille.

Lisa and Adrienne…well, I like them. I think everyone but Kim and Kyle needs to shut up about Kim’s alleged drinking problem, though. Let the two sisters address it. Let KIM address it.

Personally, I enjoy Adrienne and Paul’s bickering.  It’s funny. I’ve yet to sense any real hostility or malice between them. They clearly adore their sons and are happy with their life together.

Kim held it together well during the first part of the reunion. It was interesting to watch Taylor invent excuses, but the woman is just nasty. Kim’s got her number, absolutely. So do Lisa and Adrienne.

I don’t agree that the season was set up to make Camille look bad, and I don’t believe that Kyle did anything more than ask a few questions about Camille’s plans for spring break to be polite. Camille’s story about that conversation seems to change from day to day. I can understand why Camille thought Kyle meant something darker-her marriage was breaking up, her husband had rejected her in a very cruel way, and she was vulnerable and hurting. I don’t think Camille is intentionally lying about what Kyle said, but I do think she misconstrued Kyle’s intent.

Camille managed to look bad all on her own, with her comments and behavior. But, to be honest, she was going through a bad time almost from the moment the cameras went up-it will be interesting to see, if she comes back for another season, if she behaves differently.

Kyle, you really need to lay off your sister. If Kim has a drinking problem, I know the frustration of dealing with that on a daily basis-and the anger that comes with it-but verbally abusing Kim and treating her like dirt every time you see her doesn’t help.

Kim may need help with an alcohol problem, but Kyle needs help with anger management. When it comes to alcoholism, neither the alcoholic or their family members can emerge unscathed, even when the person is on the road to sobriety, and therapy and family counseling are a positive way to resolving the conflicts.

C’mon, Kyle. You are a beautiful, smart woman with everything going for you, but everyone can use a little help. Give therapy a try and quit taking your anger out on Kim. Surely the two of you can find a better path if you BOTH learn to deal with your own issues, instead of blaming each other for them.

And I don’t mean psychic therapy. What is it with these Housewives, that they buy into that crap? Jeez, go spend the money on something pretty instead. When it comes to enabling frauds, isn’t working with Taylor enough?

Can you tell I don’t like Taylor? I don’t. Fakedy fake faker. It’s interesting how she went from “I didn’t stir the pot” to “If I could rewind, I would” when it came to her private conversation with Camille in New York. That was as laughable as her advice to Kim at her birthday party: “it’s my party, so you stay away from me”.after Kim asked to be left alone. Funny, because what I saw was Kim sitting quietly with a friend and Taylor approaching her and then getting in Kim’s face with a self righteous attitude, not the other way around.

Fakey Fakerson.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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8 Responses to Beverly Hills Reunion, Part 1

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  2. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! says:

    SHFTA….that is hilarious!!!

    Well, I think you summed it up perfectly…although I thought you were a bit easy on Kyle.
    She accuses Camille and Kim of being “delusional” and yet her newest BFF is Taylor????? She is clearly deluded on that front!

    What I really would like to see next season…..Kyle wagging that finger in SHTFA’s face so she will “go all Oklahoma” on her a$$!!

    Clearly this has to be done so that Taylor can clear up what “going Oklahoma” on someone’s a$$ means and Kyle can get out of the doghouse with the RHOBH viewers.

    Oh speaking of doghouse….or as SHTFA would say “daaawg-house”.
    Did anyone read on Taylor’s blog that AFTER she got rid of Snowball, the daaawg that Russell bought, (because of Kennedy’s horrific daaawg allergies—you know, the allergies that would scar her daughter for life ….sniff, sniff) — she replaced it
    with ….. yet another daaawg. A chihuahua.

    So, do you think she named it after President too? Let’s see Taylor, Ford, and Kennedy are already taken.

    Faker ( FRAAAAWD) is right!

    • Kukulet says:

      I went easy on Kyle ‘coz I’ve been where she is-it’s really easy to get lost in the anger when you are dealing with a family member with an addiction. Not excusing Kyle, just sayin’. I hope she and Kim both get help and work out their issues…friends come and go, but sisterhood is irreplaceable.

      Taylor is a waste of good collagen. You could get five nice pairs of lips out of her implants alone.

      • Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! says:

        Yes, it is easy to lose it with your family.
        But, as you say, friends come and go, but family is irreplaceable.
        It was very frustrating to watch Kyle and Taylor in BFF Love.

        Kyle is seriously derailed if she thinks that Taylor is her friend.
        This is a woman who uses and tosses.

        • Kukulet says:

          It’s nauseating to watch the BFF love between Taylor and Kyle. I agree with you, Taylor is just a user. And Kim is right-Taylor is a chameleon who colors herself according to the way she wants other people to view her-typical for grifters.

          Kim isn’t fooled by that, and that’s why we see the real Taylor emerge in her interactions with Kim.

          I think Kyle is holding herself back from getting involved in the drama between Taylor and Kim. She probably realized she went way too far with the “alcoholic” comment in the finale, and is attempting damage control. Whether she’s doing it for her own image or for Kim’s emotional well being remains to be seen.

          • Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! says:

            Unfortunately, Kim has definitely been thrown under the bus. I sincerely hope her sister, Kyle, and her PR team is not behind it.

            If she is, it will come back with a vengeance on her.
            I really like Kim. She may have an addiction, but who doesn’t have problems?

            Clearly, there are other major flaws with some of the other women that deserve attention…. anger management, cosmetic surgery addictions, and some very very shady pasts.

  3. Kukulet says:

    And if her daughter is allergic to one dog, what’s to say she won’t be allergic to the new one? All Taylor did was whine, whine, whine about how she didn’t want a dog and Russell went against her wishes.

    Maybe she’ll name the new one Dubya?

    • Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! says:

      I agree. It is dog dander, not the fur that causes allergies.
      And ALL DAWGS have dander!

      Dubya! LOL!!

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